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Who We Are

The goal of the Williston Community Builders is to commit itself to developing new and innovative attractions which enhance the quality of life in Williston, North Dakota. Our members come from a very diverse range of professions including accounting, banking, retail, information technology and many other professions. We have recently finished our first major project: the development of a unique playground and splash pad for children.

The reason the members decided to create another non-profit organization in the midst of many local service groups is simple. We want our hometown to completely and totally benefit from this organization... in every meaning of the word. Benefit financially, where every dollar that is given is spent to make local improvements. Benefit by bringing in new wonderful attractions, so we don't have to hear ourselves or our children say, "there's nothing to do in this town."  And benefit by serving, where we invite the community to take ownership of each project and they can reap the rewards of giving back through community service.

The Williston Friendly Faces and Williston Community Builders have joined forces in 2016! Our two groups have similar goals for the community and bring more ways, and hands, to help out in Williston. We are doing great things every year to make Williston a better place. 

We are members of Community Builders not because it’s the new trendy club in town, but because we want to make a difference. Should you be interested in joining us, contact one of our members or join us at a meeting. Your ideas are welcome! Just think what an amazing town Williston would be if everyone was a Community Builder!

For membership information, contact President Nick Lippert 701.770.6413 or find us on Facebook at

WCB Board of Directors:
Nick Lippert (President)
Diane Nelson (Vise President)
Heather Korner (Secretary)
Amanda Colebank (Treasurer)
Falcon Justive
Billie Pippenger
Meagan Gantzler
Emily Ramage
Makenzie Blume

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