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Project Organization

A diverse project team of experienced professionals was assembled to focus entirely on making the playground a reality by the spring of 2010. This Project team finalized the project design and construction, but primarily focused on fundraising.

The Williston Community Builders Board of Directors is the ultimate governing body for the organization and is responsible for the organizations past and future projects.

WCB Board of Directors:

President: Jeremy Skoglund
Vice President: Cayle Paulson
Secretary: Staci Haugen
Treasurer: Heidi Rettig
Past President: Jake Liudahl
Becca Alcorn
Ken Callahan
Sharon Flaten
Kelley Rankin
Darla Ratzak

Playground Project Management Team

Ken Callahan (Project Manager)
Dick McKennett (Fundraising Chair)
Tom Karp
Darin Krueger
Jeremy Ludlum
Heidi Monson
Steve Slocum (Communications Officer)
Penny Soiseth
Kelcee Wold
Jeff Zarling

Below is an organizational chart outlining the entire team that ensured the successful completion of the project. (Click to enlarge)

WCB Org Chart


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